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Western Province, South Africa
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Jon is a devout designer-maker, drawn to invention and craft, constantly pushing boundaries to realise new ideas. His home workshop is testament to his continual experimentation with materials, using them in unconventional ways that highlight their innate beauty and integrity. Jon’s creative approach to problem-solving coupled with his mechanical sensibility to interior architecture are evident in the designs of his diverse projects. Drawing on his love of art, photography, illustration and typography, his process of creation maintains a constantly fresh appeal, an upbeat energy that is carried through into the relationships he nurtures. A Bauhaus fan, Jon is, at heart, a minimalist, his interiors portraying a soulful essence, with considered details that speak of confidence, honesty, refinement and purpose. Highly cognisant of the integral balance between form and function, his designs stir the senses, evoking an emotional response, while facilitating fluid, effortless interaction.
ARRCC Design
Western Province, South Africa
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